November 29, 2018
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01. Meet the Client

O On 7th June 1937, Krushival was started as a weekly magazine and the masses got their platform. Back then the farmer’s leader, Narayan Nagu Patil, who was outraged by the injustice on farmers and the scandal of the newspapers, realized that there was no alternative but to start his own newspaper. Today Krushival  is  widely  read  and  one  of  the  leading  daily  newspapers  in  Raigad.

02. Objectives

Krushival is already quite popular newspaper among the locals in Raigad. However they wanted a Digital marketing partner to help them build a reader base digitally. Additionally, being a content driven platform, Client also wanted to generate revenue from Google AdSense. Though they had a portal, it was not fulfilling the need.

Initialize Group
Initialize Group

03. Our Strategic Solutions

  • Redesign and develop a visually clean a full-fledge news portal – being a content driven platform, things needed to be organized properly.
  • Build a design that is responsive and user friendly to create a seamless user and Brand experience.
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed with an admin panel to manage news, weekly magazines, e-paper and much more.
  • Establish the Social Media Presence – grow the audience, maximize engagement and increase the awareness.
  • Social Media Organic Plan – strategize to share news in a time span throughout the day.
  • Social Media Paid Plan – Facebook and Instagram Ads campaigns promoting the Facebook Page and the Instagram.
  • WhatsApp Marketing – encourage readers to join groups, and driving direct traffic though the shared news links.
  • Integrate all the Google analytics and apply for Google Ad Sense.

04. The Result

  • In just 2 months of its online presence the website received more than ____ visits and almost 1,26,558  page views.
  • Another milestone achieved – successfully verified for Google AdSense.
  • The Google Ad sense earnings show an upswing every month.
  • News sharing on WhatsApp had huge impact on direct traffic. The website acquires around 75% of direct traffic.
  • Social Media organic efforts resulted in increased brand awareness and daily visitors on website.
  • Today as on *insert date* we have on an average _____ visitor daily.

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